How do I cite tables and/or figures in APA?


Tables and Figures

A table usually shows numerical values (e.g., means and standard deviations) and/or textual information (e.g., lists of stimulus words, responses from participants) arranged in columns and rows. A figure may be a chart, graph, photograph, drawing, plot, infographic, or any other illustration that is not a table.

The goal of any table or figure is to help readers understand your work. The best tables and figures are also attractive and accessible to all users. The APA Style guidelines for tables and figures help ensure your visual displays are formatted clearly and consistently, thus contributing to the goal of effective communication.


Tables and figures may have specifications depending on the type of information being presented.

To assess the requirements for your tables and figures:

  • Refer to chapter 7 of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th Ed.), OR
  • Consult the APA Style website's Tables and Figures section, OR
  • Contact us @ Ask A Librarian.

Generally, a table will have:

  • the table number
  • title
  • headings
  • body (rows and columns)
  • note to describe the table when necessary (general, specific, and probability)


A figure will have

  • figure number
  • title
  • image (chart, graph, photograph, drawing, or other illustration)
  • legend (legend or key, when applicable, to explain any symbols)
  • note to describe the table when necessary (general, specific, and probability)

Sample bar graph showing framing scores for three levels of reward and four different age groups.

Where do I put my table or figure?

APA notes two places that are appropriate for students to place their tables and figures. Other considerations should be made if planning to publish (See the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association for more details). 

  • All tables and figures can be on a separate page after the reference list. Tables would be grouped together, followed by figures.
  • Embed each table and figure within the text after its first callout. 

American Psychological Association. (2020). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (7th ed.).


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